Abstract: In a power system, active filter are used to improve the electrical power quality by providing either the necessary voltage signals to cancel the voltage disturbances added to the 50Hz sine wave (voltage or series active filter), or the necessary harmonic currents that nonlinear loads demand (current or shunt active filter). Due to the switching operation of the active filter, the corresponding equations, based on the equivalent electrical circuits, are nonlinear with time-varying associated parameters. This work searches the feasibility of a dynamic analysis for active filter, basically Shunt active filter (current active filter) based on Chaos Theory, since this theory yields information about bounded regions having a non-periodic performance. The operation ranges for the shunt active filter before chaos occurring were found under the action of p-q theory based controllers, justifying the superiority of the latter. A novel methodology has been presented, based on chaos theory and Poincare diagrams, to determine the dynamic analysis of Shunt Active Filter (SAF). Which will give the well idea about the value of harmonic's amplitude produced a chaotic motion in SAF.

Keywords: Power quality, active filter, nonlinear system, harmonic compensation.