Abstract: MANET is a network of wireless mobile nodes that exchanges information forming a self-governing and self-motivated network without any central management and fixed infrastructure. There is always a requirement of energy efficient and high speed protocols to find a path for forwarding data packets through relay nodes to the destination node. The selection of mobility pattern with high degree of realism is also an important characteristic used for evaluating the performance of wireless network .In this research paper the performance evaluation of wireless network using existing mobility models: Manhattan Grid Mobility Model (MGMM) and Random Waypoint Mobility Model (RWPM) is made and a new such model is proposed combining the features of existing models. The comparison is then made by using AODV and OLSR as the routing protocols and the functionality is analyzed in terms of different parameters: throughput, data drop and traffic received. The preliminary performance demonstrates that the proposed mobility model is found very close to MGMM and better than RWPM in terms of data drop and traffic received.

Keywords: MANET, AODV, OLSR, Mobility Patterns, Traffic Models.