Abstract: An integrated system to have your health checkups done quickly at best price via nearest path labs and access your reports anywhere anytime on your phone. For health checkups there are many systems available such as thyrocare android app, E-wireless healthcare system, practo etc. So taking in mind these apps were efficient for only specific health related issues. Thyrocare android app is only helpful for thyroid affected persons. E-wireless healthcare system is only helpful for maintaining data about particular hospital. Practo app is helpful for just obtaining the detailed information of doctors in our locality and taking online appointments. Hence to overcome all the drawbacks of the existing systems we are introducing and implementing the online healthcare system using cloud computing concepts which will be efficient for providing online health checkups booking facilities with discounted rates, to get information about preventive measures and tips to avoid contagious diseases, provide different path labs and System will be able to keep track of user's health checkups records, if in case anybody requires the blood then he can broadcast his requirement on the app directly and notification will be send to all the users who are registered having the same blood group via messages and emails. Since, cloud computing is an emerging technology that can be integrated with traditional health management which is used to provide better health services therefore we are using cloud computing concept to develop our system.

Keywords: Cloud computing, android application, client portal, MongoDB, MySQL, spring, REST, Apache Tomcat.