Abstract: With the developing velocity of life, the interest to perform errands at a higher rate is being laid out as well. In the cutting edge world, innovation has connected every town, city and nation with the other through method for powerful. This has in the long run prompted a monstrous increment in the quantity of vehicles. To clean these vehicles there is a need of an appropriate washing framework. Time is merchandise that should be overseen successfully and proficiently all together amplify efficiency. So this undertaking is produced to lessen an ideal opportunity to clean vehicles. In this programmed auto washing venture we utilize a transport line on which client stop the auto. When we press a switch transport line begins moving. Clock is set on transport line at better places for auto recognition. At the point when the amateur the auto, it stops the transport line and begins a valve at the same time through water on auto comparably at various levels when an auto is identified it will utilize brushes, cleanser, and drier to clean the auto.

Keywords: PLC, Wiper Motor, Conveyer Belt, Brushes, Relays, Switches, Shower, Cleaner, Dry Fan, SMPS.