Abstract: The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is a bridge between folks and system hardware by connecting the phone system with the information. The phone user will access the knowledge from anyplace at Associate in Nursing time just by dialling a mere range and following an on-line instruction once a association been built up. The IVR framework utilizes pre-recordedvoice responses to produce data in response to Associate in nursing input from a phone caller. The input could also be given by means that of touch-tone or twin Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) signal, that is generated once a guest presses a key of his/her electronic gear, and therefore the sequence of messages to be contend is set dynamically consistent with an inside menu structure (maintained inside the IVR application program) and therefore the user input. The IVRS system which is able to be designed will give a perfect stage for the operation of new businesses and existing modest issues. Itíll be extremely economical and economical thanks to replace the Dialogic card that is incredibly pricey and needs a high support and customary up degree. The IVRS framework which is able to be designed will comprises straightforward elements like microcontroller and a few basic application chips interfaced to a system which is able to have tiny software system running within the backend whereas the opposite jobs square measure performed on the face.

Keywords: IVRS, GSM, ADC, DTMF, LM.