Abstract: In our proposed system, a magnetic door lock is administered via RFID reader that initiates the authentication as well as validation of the user or controls the access in short. The systems also maintain evidences regarding the access and exit records of each user in the form of a log report against every access. The system is more convenient to install and implement as access security solution of a particular arena due to its cost effectiveness with respect to the satisfactory level of protection provided. Another advantage is that the system consumes considerably less space for installation and maintenance purpose. In this concept for radio frequency identification (RFID) is used to recognize the user identity using like a smart card solution. This may used to know the user details and also the document which we kept in the safety locker. It is same proceeding for replacing the document inside the locker. For every user had specific code only can handle by through the RFID tag. RFID reader is helps to precede using AURDINO Micro Controller. This may used to handle the motor in door to open, when it is a right user. PC is used to store the particulars information about the users of the handling the documents.

Keywords: RFID, AURDINO Micro Controller, Common Access Control System, Auto-ID.