Abstract: The daily life of the denizens form the manner in everyday life, there are important things smart home. These manners can be used to manner the resident is useful to improve the service for the smart home services that can be used as energy-efficient operation resides in order to reduce the unnecessary and the lighting device using the identified activities based on the activity of their actions. In recognition accuracy possible process automation Smart Home is important to put things in a certain activity, but service needs a lot of challenges in diversity and complexity of the real world because of awareness activities .By using wireless sensor networks and many of the RF technology, the Internet Things (IOT) application got full methods to get development of intelligent control to a home system . This work focuses mainly on the use of fewer devices with high efficiency and competitive price through the use of the IBoard and the XBee with the interface work through the application of Android smart phone .

Keywords: ZigBee, Smart Home, Home Automation, Android Smartphone.