Abstract: In this paper we are designing a highway system which contains hi-tech qualities. This project helps to reduce road accidents to some extent. Here the driver receives information regarding the road conditions beforehand itself to avoid accidents. Information given can be regarding the conditions like constructions going on road directions, warnings like steep slopes, hair pin bends, sharp corners, narrow paths etc. Driver also receives signals that indicates arrival of ambulance, fire engines etc. The project is based on various transmitter modules connected to local computers capable of sending various messages regarding road conditions. The compatible receiver can be placed inside the vehicle to accept the messages from transmitters. The warning messages will alert the driver so that he can drive the vehicle safely. The major hardware components used are PIC 16F877A, RF transmitter and receiver modules, GSM module and LCD. This technique helps to provide an easy and safe journey. In future we can extend this work not only to highways but also to every road.

Keywords: Hitech highway, PIC, GSM, RF module, emergency vehicles.