Abstract: Antenna is important element in communication system which is most responsible for satisfactorily working of the system. The Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA) antenna consists of a system of driven elements; but not all of them in the system are active on a single frequency of operation. The length and spacing of the elements of a log-periodic antenna increase logarithmically from one end to the other. Depending on its design parameters, the LPDA can be operated over a range of frequencies. The parameters such as radiation pattern and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) are important to study/check antenna quality. This paper represents the details of constructed LPDA of frequency range of 160MHz to 1900MHz with 24 elements using MATLAB program. The antenna is also designed and simulated using CST MICROWAVE STUDIOŽ (CST MWS). Using antenna trainer kit (Transmitter, Receiver) frequency range up to 1300MHz, LPDA pattern and VSWR results are reported. The nature of patterns at 400MHz and 1000MHz are approximately same. The VSWR values are within 1 to 2. This indicates that the constructed LPDA is of good quality.

Keywords: Antenna Parameters, LPDA, Radiation Patterns, VSWR, CST Studio, MATLAB.