Abstract: For awareness environmental condition tell us what is happening by using robotics in the sense of new places. The main purpose of this paper to invent Raspberry pi base robot which can worldwide control wirelessly through internet communication. The transmitter is android mobile phone which placed on robot. By using Bluespp application in android phone we can control the Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth control mobile has limited range so this is the reason mobile is placed inside the robot and mobile phone will be control via internet by using computer. By using the team viewer software we can control robot from base station. Mobile wireless cam is used to live video streaming. GPS in android phone can also track the location so this can be used to aware the sense of new places. Text to speech converter in robot is used to communicate with the people near the robot. This robot has to work in all environments around the world without the actual involvement of human.

Keywords: Android, Raspberry pi controller, Pick and place arm, Robot, GPS.