Abstract: Need for security is growing day to day due to enormous development in the field of technology, but man wants to achieve this security at the minimum cost and minimum risk to human life. This is the factor which has encouraged us to develop this project which can achieve security at minimum risk and cost. Here instead of exposing the soldier to do the hazardous job such as dangerous gas or hostile environment detection we have designed a machine which will do the same job more efficiently. Here a new guaranteed technology of RF transreceiver is used to control the robot accordingly to the operator. For Video surveillance application our design offers wireless technology which is flexible, cost- efficient and quick way to deploy, particularly over a large area as in parking lot at a military surveillance application. This idea actually has a lot of chance for further research and development using advance technology. Many more application can be added in this project to monitor more parameter. Similar project have been undertaken by NASA for its other planet missions.

Keywords: Amphibian Robot.