Abstract: We propose a Simple Wireless transmission System using common approach Sensor Platform called The wireless based Patient Sensor platform Monitoring system, in this paper presents the development of a microcontroller based system for wireless heartbeat and temperature monitoring using RF module. In India many patients are dying because of heart attacks and reason behind that they are not getting timely and proper help. The proposed platform architecture offers flexibility, easy customization for different vital parameter collecting and sending. To give them timely and proper help first we want to continuous monitoring of patient health. The fixed monitoring system can be used only when the patient is on bed and this system are huge and only available in the hospitals in ICU. Care of critically ill patients, requires spontaneous & accurate decisions so that life-protecting & lifesaving therapy can be applied. This paper is based on monitoring of remote patients, after he is discharged from hospital. I have designed and developed a reliable, energy efficient remote patient monitoring system. It is able to send parameters of patient in real time. It enables the doctors to monitor patient’s parameters (temp, heartbeat) in real time. Here the parameters of patient are measured continuously (temp, heartbeat) and wirelessly transmitted using RF module.

Keywords: Sensors, RF module, microprocessor, BPM-Beat per minute, LCD – liquid crystal display, IR- infrared, ADC- analog to digital converter.