Abstract: Canal is an artificial waterway. Canals are been constructed to allow the passage of boats or ship inland or to convey water for irrigation. Canals and navigations are human-made channels for water. It is a human made water transportation system, which is best alternative for road transportation. These can be subdivided into two kinds: Waterways: canals used for carrying transporting goods and people. These can be subdivided into two kinds: i.e. 1. These are connecting to existing lakes, rivers, other canals & seas & oceans, 2. These are also connected in a city network. Absolute: water supply canals that are used for the conveyance and delivery of potable water for human consumption, municipal uses, hydro power canals and irrigation for agriculture. The paper named as CANAL AUTOMATION and SHIP TRANSPORTATIOPN USING PLC. Canals are mainly used for two major purposes, i.e. irrigation and transportation. This project is prototype of canal transportation. As we know water transportation is good alternative for costly road and air transportation. It is always not feasible to implement this transportation because level of water at every place is not same. To face such uneven geographical conditions of water level, and overcome them canal can be constructed. And to maintain transportation through such canal manually is difficult task to handle so this project provides an optimize solution to all crisis mentioned above.

Keywords: Infrared Sensor, Level sensor, Limit switch, Solenoid Valve.