Abstract: Patient monitoring systems are gaining their importance as the fast-growing global elderly population increases demands for caretaking. These systems use wireless technologies to transmit vital signs for medical evaluation. This paper describes the design of a wireless sensor network based on zigbee technology using master and slave communication. It is mainly used for collecting and transferring the various monitoring information about the patients in hospitals or in their homes. This application consists of Zigbee based network, four types of sensors, master, and two submaster and slave combination. Since the whole area cannot be covered by a single Master slave combination .For this purpose a master and slave combination is used. Also the cooperative communication technique is used to make sure that the slave is always in range of the master. For this purpose two sub masters units are used. Here the main PC master terminal has the Visual Basic software on it .The PC master terminal is used to monitor the status of all the slaves which covers the whole area. Hence the transmission scheme ensures the successful transmission of these critical messages. It is fast and reliable.

Keywords: Wireless Patient Monitoring, ZigBee technology, Electrocardiography (ECG), Temperature.