Abstract: This paper is to design and develop a new microcontroller based solar tracking system with a mirror booster based on mppt . Solar energy is rapidly becoming an alternative means of electrical source all over the world and the solar energy becomes pro?table when the solar rays are tracked with its maximum ef?ciency. The best to get the maximum power output of solar array is by sun tracking. This paper deals with the design and construction of solar tracking system by using LDR, PIC16F877A,johnson motor, gear motor and mirror. Mirror is used as booster to maximize the ef?ciency. The panel and mirror will travel from south to north and vice-versa. The prototype is considered around a programmed pic16F877A which controls the system by communicating with sensors and motor driver based on movement of the sun. The performance and characteristics of the solar tracker are experimentally analyzed.

Keywords: LDRs, solar panel,mirror booster, gear motor, tracking mechanism