Abstract: Powerful digital signal processing techniques and the rapid growth of Internet have made the world shift towards digital representation of multimedia signals, such as image, audio and video, however, with a fear in the mind of the originators, of the illegal distribution and violation of copyright protection by malicious users. A great deal of Copyright owners is worried about protecting any kind of illegal repetition of their information. Hence, facing all these kinds of problems development of the techniques is very important. Digital watermarking considered as a solution to prevent the multimedia data. Digital watermarking, more specifically, the hidden digital watermarking technique, however, comes into the rescue, as a powerful solution to such potential problems. Several hidden type watermarking techniques have been proposed with a variety of their usage, complexity and security which are the primary concerns of such technique. Here we introduce the Digital Watermarking techniques Based on hybrid approach which is expected to give better result against various attacks that performed on watermarked video/image thereby improve NC and PSNR values.

Keywords: Watermarking, SVD, PCA, SWD, PSNR, NC.