Abstract: Now a day, health and patient monitoring is very tedious job to do. The monitoring personnel have to watch continuously. They have to keep monitoring the patients, who are admitted in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). These patients are in serious illness conditions and canít be said what happens in next instance to them and today increasing the number of patients in the ICU due to many increasing fatal diseases. These diseases are threatening the population all over the world. Doctors need more conscious about the patient health status. The health monitoring system proposed here gives doctor continuously updated health information of patient using various sensors used to monitor health of patient. It allows doctors to monitor patient over the long distance and also to consult others. Li-Fi technology is used here in to update information quickly and it can be viewed at monitor of the doctor. Simultaneously it also records the data of patient in the CPU. This data can be viewed through the internet for reference while consulting the patient.

Keywords: Health Monitoring, Light Fidelity(Li-Fi),ARM7,ECG, SpO2, Accelerometer.