Abstract: In today’s fast-moving, competitive industrial world, a company must be flexible, cost effective for its survival. In the manufacturing industries there is great demand for industrial automation systems. The industrial automation is necessary in order to streamline operations in terms of acceleration, reliability and system output. In today’s economical world, automation plays gradually important role. This is the prototype of “Automatically liquid mixing and bottle filling using PLC & SCADA” [1]. In our paper “Automatic Liquid mixing and Bottle Filling” is controlled using programmable logic controller (PLC) and SCADA is used for visualizing the system. This paper proposes a mixing and filling management system for industries which is complete application of automation. It’s controlling and monitoring makes the system easily accessible and alert the operator in the case of any fault or errors. It is one of the major applications of automation in the soft drink and other beverage industries, where a specific amount of liquid has to be filled continuously into the bottles [2]. The main aim of the paper is to plan, develop and test the real time implementation of PLC, SCADA systems for ratio control based liquid mixing and bottle filling.

Keywords: PLC, SCADA, Sensors, Automation, Conveyor.