Abstract: Indian agriculture is the major private sector enterprise in the country so the India’s economic security depends on agriculture sector as of now and in near future. Monitoring and control of greenhouse environment plays an important role in crop production and this may results in maximum photosynthetic activity. This project consists of design and implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network that can monitor the temperature, humidity, soil moisture, incident light intensity in the greenhouse filed area. So farmers can recognize the environmental conditions and implement various methods to increase the greenhouse crop production. The system is integrated with particular sensors, Microcontroller and radio frequency modules forms sensor node. All monitored parameters that sensed by various sensors are transmitted through a wireless RF link XBee to MCU which is acting coordinator node and designed to take corrective action once exceed the threshold parameters. There is interface between MCU and PC so the data at MCU can be maintained in VB for further process. As well as interface between PC to GPRS shield for internet connectivity to avail IoT. By using Internet of things the data can be access from anywhere and this is most advantageous among the existing greenhouse system.

Keywords: MCU, IoT, WSN, RF module.