Abstract: Steganography Based Authenticated Voting System, is a system that will help a person to cast his vote even when he is away from his constituency. This will reduce his effort and save his travelling time. This system will enable the ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA (ECI) to manage elections easily and securely. This system will use the data which is already present with in the form of Aadhaar unique identification. It contains personal identity along with his biometric information. With the help of steganography we can try to provide a biometric as well as password security to our vote. The system will make a decision whether the voter is the authenticated person or not. System uses voters fingerprint image as cover image and embed voterís secret data into the image using steganography. This method produces a stego image which is equal to the original fingerprint image only. On the whole there are changes in the original fingerprint image and stego image but they are not noticeable by human eye. One only be able to extract the embedded key and data only when the fingerprint gets match. Correct use of the procedure will increase the voting percentage in India and help in selecting right leader for the nation.

Keywords: Steganography, ECI, Fingerprint, Aadhaar Card