Abstract: This paper shows the results obtained from simulation and fabrication process of inspired Metamaterial Structure with RMPA 2GHz with symmetrical 'L' slot structure at 3.2mm layer. To this date, the technology in Left-Handed Metamaterial is best suited for finding beneficial result for our purpose. The Metamaterial is the starting point of the analysis and is usually composed of periodic structure of metal and dielectric. We have designed the structure using simulation tools and fabricate them to see how the performance is changing by using inspired Metamaterial Structure with respect to fabricated RMPA alone. Simulation results showed that the RMPA return loss is reduced by -27.51 dB and the bandwidth is improved by 5% by incorporating the proposed metamaterial structure. RMPA with symmetrical 'L' slot structure at 3.2mm plane is simulated on IE3D Simulation platform, fabricated, and measured on Spectrum Analyzer in the microwave laboratory, Simulation and Measurement results are compiled here.

Keywords: bandwidth, dielectric substrate, Left-Handed Metamaterials (LHM), return loss, RMPA.