Abstract: In this research paper, a novel method is proposed for the delineation of the ElectroCardioGraphy (ECG) signals. ECG signals are utilized to measure the heart activity of the subject. So, for the proper analysis of the ECG, knowledge of these peaks should be there. Hence, for the same, principal component analysis is exploited. Using this analysis, peaks of the ECG signals are obtained for the different types of ECG signals i.e. Apnea, Ischemia, Normal and Tachycardia. Then these results are compared representing differentiability among different ECG signals on the basis of ECG peaks. And, using this method, principal component analysis comes out to be a very efficient and a quality detection technique in identifying the ECG peaks of the different types of ECG signals used.

Keywords: Apnea, ECG, Ischemia, PCA, Tachycardia.