Abstract: a powered wheel chair is a mobility aiding device for people with moderate or severe physical disabilities. In order to take care of different disabilities, various kinds of interfaces have been developed for powered wheelchair control: such as joystick control, head control, etc. Though there are many methods available in recent times to enable their motility, they require efficient and accurate control which is most of the times not possible. The proposed model is a possible alternative for this. This model is mainly aimed at the quadriplegic patients who are completely paralysed but have good eye coordination. In this project an IR camera is used to take the image of the eye which is then processed in LabVIEW to track the intended motion of the wheelchair. DC motors along with a motor driver is used to apply torque to the wheels so that direction control can be ensured. This model helps the completely paralysed person to have command over the wheelchair and its direction

Keywords: IR Camera, Model of Wheelchair, LabVIEW, DC motor