Abstract: Shopping malls allow the customers to shop variety of products under one roof. Since it does not need the customers to go to various shops to buy different products, shopping in malls helps save the shopping time. Because of this, many people have started shopping in malls making them more and more crowded. So besides this big advantage, there is a major disadvantage of long billing queues taking much longer to bill the purchased products. Therefore it becomes pointless to go to shopping malls in order to save time. So if there were a system to generate the bill of shopped products automatically or simultaneously then it could save the billing time thereby revoking any need to stand in long queues. There are various techniques such as barcode scanner, camera, RFID tags and QR codes to generate the shopping bills on trolley itself. This paper presents a new technique that uses MIFARE tags and card reader to make the shopping trolleys smarter by introducing self billing upon them.

Keywords: Smart shopping cart, Barcode scanner, Camera, RFID tags, QR codes, MIFARE tags