Abstract: Reversible Logic has come up with an significant feature of a no defiance of power and has become most standard technique in design of high efficiency Microprocessor. ALU is a core of processors that accomplishes arithmetic and logical operations, But the design of ALU is an undertaking task for the design researchers. From the analysis of literature survey, the past reversible ALU were designed each design have their advantages and limitations such as fixed or limited number of operations and more garbage output lines. In this paper we have been tried to add many ALU operations such as Eight Arithmetic operation Seven logical along with Shift, Vedic Multiplication and Comparison operations so all these 21 operations are carried out on 2-bit ALU and implemented in different modules and all these modules are built with reversible gates and integrated or incorporated on unique design and these different operations are carried out based on select lines. This design is executed in VHDL(Verilog Hardware Description Language) programming language and simulation and synthesis is done with use of Xilinx ISE 14.7 simulation Tool.

Keywords: ALU, Basic Reversible Logic gates, Reversible ALU.