Abstract: In recent days, world population is incredibly growing. Day by day the need of food is increasing. Drought and water scarcity are the major problems that every farmer faces today. Farmers cannot detect the soil moisture, nutrients deficiency and diseases in paddy and wheat fields at the earliest. Farmers prefer other businesses rather than agriculture so the productivity is going down. The objective of proposed research is to monitor the growth of Oryza sativa L (Paddy) crops, Further, the technique is used to control the plant soil moisture and water level. This technique saves a lot of man power, increases the quality with quantity and feasible for precision agriculture. Oryza sativa L (Paddy) is most important food crops in the world. The above sensor results are transmitted through Wireless Sensor Network (ZIGBEE TARANG F4) using LabVIEW software and PIC16F877A microcontroller for the further controlling process. The output of the proposed method is sent to the concerned person using GMAIL through Ethernet techniques.

Keywords: Soil moisture and, Water level sensor, LabVIEW, Wireless Sensor Network, PIC16F877and precision agriculture