Abstract: The recognition of plant leaf disease is a very important factor to prevent serious outbreak. If these diseases are not detected in time then these may cause several losses. Insects are also affecting the leaves. Traditionally farmer visually checks the disease if this is not treated on time, and then it causes several losses. Excessive use of pesticides for plant treatment increases the cost and environmental pollution, so their use must be minimized. The diseases on the cotton are basic issue which makes the sharp decrease in the production of cotton. So the study of interest is the leaf rather than whole cotton plant. About 80-90% of diseases occur on the cotton leaves are like Alternaria, Cercospora, Red spot, white spot and Yellow spot etc. The solution for the mentioned problem is to design robot for performing different farming work like identify the diseases on crop, suggest the pesticide for that disease, and spray the pesticides on crop. By utilizing farming robot, the excessive use of pesticides can be saved & the labor cost is reduces. The farmers health is protected from pesticides.

Keywords: Agriculture Image Processing, Beagle Bone Black, PIC Micro controller, Crop Leaf Image.