Abstract: This paper deals with special problem occurs with Induction Machine (IM) which is the saturation problem. Magnetic saturation is accounted by the nonlinear magnetizing curve of the iron core. Two machines of wound-rotor three-phase Induction Machine were used to make a comparison for different situations. The first machine running without saturation condition whiles the other running under saturation condition. Most of the students and researchers were considering the ideal case of IM in their researches. However it is better to study the impact of saturation on the machine when using the IM in different applications. This gives the research a stronger analysis and conclusion, and at the end of the day the results will be fruitful for the researcher. It is also necessary for the researcher to be familiar with the practical problems that occurs in the factories.

Keywords: Induction Machine, Analysis, Performance, saturation problem, and MATLAB/Simulink.