Abstract: In this research work an energy-efficient cluster based routing protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is proposed in which a monitor node is deployed in the sensing network to improve the overall network performance and enhance energy level. The network divided the deployed sensor nodes into four logical regions on the basis of their locality in the sensing ?eld. The nodes of region in which base station is deployed will directly communicate with the base station. The nodes in the region in which monitor node is deployed will directly communicate with monitor node. In remaining two regions cluster hierarchy is used to transmit the data to the nearest destination. The deployed monitor node is rechargeable node in the network. Additionally in proposed work, result of stability period (dead nodes) and residual energy of Leach are compared with the result of proposed algorithm that is proposed energy efficient protocol.

Keywords: Leach, WSN’s, cluster head, routing protocol, Mon-Leach etc.