Abstract: This paper presents an intelligent traffic control system to pass emergency vehicles smoothly. Each individual vehicle is equipped with special radio frequency identification (RFID) tag (placed at a strategic location), and GPS for tracking the location, which makes it impossible to remove or destroy. We use RFID reader and PIC16F877A system-on-chip to read the RFID tags attached to the vehicle. It counts number of vehicles that passes on a particular path during a specified duration. It also determines the network congestion, and hence the green light duration for that path. If the RFID-tag-read belongs to the stolen vehicle, then a message is sent using GSM SIM300 to the police control room. In addition, when an ambulance is approaching the junction, it will communicate to the traffic controller in the junction to turn ON the green light. The main aim of the project is to design and develop the “Intelligent traffic control management system” it helps achieve maximum “green wave” and enhanced flow of traffic ensures diversion of traffic for faster movement of emergency service, smooth flow of traffic can ensure safety of both commuters and pedestrians.

Keywords: ZigBee, RFID, GSM, SIM300, GPS, PIC18F458, ambulance vehicle, stolen vehicle, congestion control, traffic junction.