Abstract: Image segmentation, subdivides the image into its constituent regions and objects. It is used in order to locate objects and boundaries in images. In this paper, brain extraction algorithm for T2-weighted MRI images is discussed. Brain extraction is an essential pre-processing tool for several computer-aided brain processing techniques like brain tissue segmentation, brain tumour detection, brain image compression. This tool helps to speed up and produce accurate results for the computer-aided diagnosis. 2D-BEA method is done for brain extraction. For proposed 2D-BEA method active contour is used to segment the image. Both 2D-BEA and proposed 2D-BEA for MRI image segmentation gives appropriate results to extract fine brain mask. Similarity is measured between both methods.

Keywords: Brain extraction algorithms (BEA), image segmentation, morphological operations, T1 and T2 weighted MRI scans, Active contour.