Abstract: CAN bus network can be used to monitor and control various parameters in the industries. Large amount of man power and time consumption is required for monitoring and controlling industrial parameters. User safety is also very important factor in Industrial areas and hence unmanned operation is always preferred over manned operation. To overcome the need of huge man power and time consumption this technology was developed which makes use of single person for monitoring and controlling the entire network. Using this method we can reduce the usage of wires and the errors relating to data transfer using CAN bus. In this system variable industrial parameters are sensed by different sensors and this is transmitted to the PC and if any fault recognized the message is sent to the mobile so as to avoid the critical condition. CAN protocols are used for error free data transmission and data reception purpose, ARM7 is used for programming the CAN controller. Compare to other wireless systems the data transmission rate will be higher in this system. This application can be achieved at a very low cost and also user friendly.

Keywords: CAN (Controller Area Network), VB (Visual Basics), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).