Abstract: Currently a day’s Constant electricity fluctuation and irregular power availableness for irrigation and industrial area unit daily issues visaged by several farmers for a protracted time. tho' several farmers use diesel operated pumps, an acceptable different, which needs neither diesel nor electricity and nonetheless meets their irrigation necessities could also be welcome (1). And additionally in home power are wasted in numerous things thanks to those things electricity bill will increase. To rectify such variety of issues we have a tendency to developed a tool that is to be used of dominant Motor pumps from any location. it's a mobile primarily based remote system for shift on/off and observance the water pumps, by mistreatment that a farmer or an individual are often free from numerous routine issues related to timely irrigation, saving lots of water, electricity, fuel, time, value effective (2).

Keywords: DTMF- twin tone multiple frequency, IVRS-interactive voice response system, , ADC- Analog to Digital convertor, LM- linear monolithic, GSM- international System for mobile communications.