Abstract: The main aim of Wireless Sensor Network is to collect the important real time information or data from coordinating sensor node. In this WSN, Energy Conservation has always been the main problem/issue, because replacement or recharging of battery is not possible. There are many solutions provided for energy conservation in WSN.Clustering and implementing Cluster Head have been successful for solving this issue to an extent.In proposed algorithm the data aggregation, controlling the transmission range in wireless sensor node, andusing Cluster Head and T node the better results are expecting, when compared to LEACH (low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) algorithm in battery usage. The another thing that can consider in the proposed algorithm is by using the CH (cluster head) and T node (Transfer node), it is possible to reduce the stress in the Cluster Head node, reducing theTransmission rangein sensor nodes the level of energy consumption of batteriescan be saved and by using High Bandwidth data is going to send to the sink node, from this fast transfer of the data can be achieved. These are Static based Wireless Sensor Network; the nodes are fixed in some particular areas. This proposed system can be used mainly in the defense and in forest to detect the movement of animals, with this they can deploy in remote areas.

Keywords: Cluster Head (CH), Transfer Node (TN), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).