Abstract: Power consumption plays an important role in the performance analysis of an electronic circuits and devices. Present day electronic devices are portable and they require more battery backup, this can be achieved by designing the circuits such that the power dissipation should be less. It can be reduced by using different design technology, one of the most commonly used VLSI technology is CMOS technology. In this project, One efficient technology called Adiabatic technology is used for overcome the limitations of CMOS technology for reducing the power dissipation without degrading the performance of the device. In the proposed paper, Different circuits using Adiabatic technology and CMOS technology will be designed and simulated on Hspui G-2012.06-SP1 using HSPICE language and shall be verified with the help of its simulation result.

Keywords: CMOS, Conventional switching, Adiabatic logic, Adiabatic switching.