Abstract: In few years ROBOTS are going to decree the cosmos. Man supremacy is abridged by replacing robots. In the existing system, human hand movements is sensed by the robot through sensors and it imitates the same, but this is made probable by placing the sensor in the accelerometer and which is to be carried by the person(userís hand). As the person moves his/her hand, the accelerometer also moves accordingly which in turn displaces the sensor and this sensor senses the constraints according to the position of hand and this sensed constraints are given to the sensors placed in robotic arm which makes the movements of robot arm accordingly. Hand gestures and even the intact body posture play a very vital role in human communication. The intention of this paper primarily is to generate a script in vision assistant and real time image through the vision acquisition acquired. The acquired image is to be transformed into digital signal using image processing in LabVIEW. Interfacing the robot with LabVIEW is processed through DAQ. The digital indication of the robot is made to control by several hand gestures and drive the robot in different direction.

Keywords: Gesture, Lab VIEW, DAQ, Acquisition.