Abstract: The design of a 32-bit coprocessor for health monitoring system with a high performance and pipelining structure is presented in this paper. Here a proposed coprocessor is designed using a 32-bit MIPS instructions and 4-stage pipelined structure. Nowadays, a constant monitoring and recording of the body parameters of the patients correctly such as heart bit, blood sugar, blood pressure and temperature, etc. are very difficult task. Hence, to design the health monitoring system by using GSM modem is the purpose of the paper. To contact the doctors and to know about the health problems, this idea will help out the people who are out of reach. By using the sensors, real-time body parameters of a patient can be sensed and keeps an extra attention on the biomedical parameters of patient under test at home. The standard for mobile telephony that has been used in this project is a wireless technology. The foundation of the health monitoring system is very simple system in the area of telemedicine application.

Keywords: MIPS, coprocessor, GSM modem, sensors, telemedicine.