Abstract: ALU is the core of all microprocessors. It also a combination of logic blocks to perform the logical or arithmetic operations. Now a days ALU is getting more complex and smaller in size to make the development of smaller and most powerful computer systems. This project designs An ALU using MOSFET as a conventional method. In conventional ALU consumes a large amount of power and also consist some limitations during scaling down such as short channel effects, gate dielectric leakage etc. The proposed ALU designed with a FINFET. It has powerful control on short channel effects while scale down the size of the transistor. The design simulation is carried out in TANNER EDA V13.0 version tools. Finally power has been studied and also compared between the ALU designed using MOSFET with proposed FINFET based design of ALU.

Keywords: FINFET, Leakage Power, Back Biasing, Independent gate circuit.