Abstract: Today the technological world’s main focus is to automate every possible thing to take advantage in providing ease in human life. Automation is being seen in industrial consumer and commercial application. In this paper we have proposed an automated restaurant management system which automates the major operations of a restaurant using the Zigbee technology. ZigBee over IEEE 802.15.4 defines specifications for WPAN (LR-WPAN) to support low data rate, low power consumption, low cost, wireless networking protocol targeted towards automation and remote control applications. The overall system is based on Arduino. First part of the system uses Arduino Uno Atmega which is 328P family based and XBee Series 2 radios through which the customers can place their order. The second part of the system uses a conveyor belt to serve the food to the customers also a bill is automatically generated using a java program when the customer requests for it.

Keywords: Restaurant, ZigBee, Arduino Uno, XBee S2 Antennas, Java, Conveyor Belt