Abstract: Sintering is the process of utilization of undersized valuable raw materials which seemed to be useless for the purpose of Iron making through Blast furnace route. The goal of the sinter process is to convert iron into steel. In Blast Furnace sintering process is adopted for agglomeration. Sinter is the main input of BF. The main objective of this paper is proportioning of raw material in Sinter Plant-2 (SP-2) to achieve required quality of sinter at blast furnace. The proposed work deals with proportioning and mixing of the raw material by a particular chemical analysis, which is required for sinter making. This is achieved through utilization of belt weighing system using load cells and controllers. In this paper it is envisaged how modernization techniques are used for sinter making. By implementation of the improved PLC based raw material feeding or proportioning system, Sinter Plant II is able to produce Sinter of consistent quality.

Keywords: Agglomeration, Modernization, Production, PLC, Proportion, Blast Furnace, Sinter.