Abstract: Currently energy efficiency is a major concern for all companies. This paper presents a system based on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), offering a low cost solution for improving energy efficiency in industry. Relevant data is collected by multiple nodes, provided with sensors and located at key points in the industry. This data can then be analyzed to provide information on power consumption and energy utilization. Several Industry in the world faces issues like managing the power which is required for their operations which involves manufacturing, processing, delivering, organizing and utilizing them for the required operations in a efficient way. Using the Relay technique which has its own contribution to power consumption schemes. Relay can be uses as electronic switch. Depending upon the user commands the relay can be operated to on and off mode , which is user dependant. This paper gives a efficient way of implementing the power management system for the Industry using Zigbee which is been manufactured by the XBee. The method implemented involves a developed protocol for a specific industry. Industry main products being connecting valves, couplers, and various mechanical devices which can be deployed in various applications.

Keywords: WSN, Sensors, Industry, Power management, Relay, Zigbee.