Abstract: Security for women in India has become a foremost concern as the number of crimes over women and girls growing day-by-day. India is the second most populous country in the world. According to the reports of NCRB-social-government organization-2015 50% women in India are facing a lot of physical harassment in public places such as railway-bus stands, crowded places (Shopping Mall, Temple, Colleges and many more.), foot paths etc. The proposed system is more secure, smart and safe application in all the context for women security y providing various features such as Profile Mechanism, Locking Mechanism, Map View Mechanism, Alert Condition & Secret Key Generation Mechanism, Contact List Mechanism, Maintain Local Database and Cloud Database Mechanism, Wi-fi / Phone Calling Mechanism, Messaging Mechanism, Alert/Incident Publish Mechanism, Emergency Button Mechanism and View on Map Mechanism.

Keywords: LBS, GPS, Geocoding, Reverse-Geocoding, SOS, Alarm, Social Login, IMEI/MEID Locking.