Abstract: The position control is an interesting term used in control system Engineering. Several control algorithms can be applied in that application. This paper discusses the position control of a servo-motor using fuzzy logic controller (FL). The structure and modeling of the servo motor is discussed in details. One of the main problems found when applying other control methods, is the non-accuracy issues due to nonlinear properties. The results show that fuzzy logic controller can help solve this problem. The paper presents design and implementation of the control algorithm, which is carried out by fuzzy logic controller. Application of fuzzy logic controller on the servo motor speed control is done using MATLAB simulation. The obtained results using fuzzy logic controller are compared with the results obtained by applying proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controllers, which show that the unit step response overshoot, time rise and time settling are less when using FL controller for the servo- motor speed control.

Keywords: servomotor, fuzzy logic, PID controller, fuzzy inference.