Abstract: The partial discharge (PD) activity inside insulation is the cause of insulation failure. The understanding of PD characteristics will help in improving the performance of insulator in high voltage power system. The presence of void creates a weak zone in the material used for insulating purpose and responsible for the occurrence of PD activity [1]. The PD activity inside an insulator needs to be monitored continuously. The magnitude of PD discharges is usually small and they can cause progressive deterioration which may leads to ultimate failure, hence it is essential to detect their presence as a non-destructive test [4]. Considerable efforts have been made so as to analyze PD pulse patterns, PD pattern recognition and charge transfer [5]. In this work an electric circuit model of an epoxy resin with void of cubical shape is considered for realization of partial discharge activity inside the insulator with the application of high voltage using MATLAB Simulink environment. The results obtained with variation in the parameters of the void such as length, height, breadth and volume of the cubical void as an impurity is analysed.

Keywords: Partial discharge (PD), void, High voltage (HV), Ca, Cb, Cc. l-length, b-breadth and t-thickness of void.