Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a disruptive technology business opportunity, with standards emerging primarily for wireless communication between sensors, actuators and gadgets in day-to-day human life, all in general being referred to as “Things”. This offers the capability to measure for understanding environment indicators. IoT as envisioned is billion sensors connected to the internet through the sensors that would be generate large amount of data which need to analyzed, interpreted and utilized. Context aware capturing enables modeling, interpreting and storing of sensor data which is linked to appropriate context variable dynamically. Building or home automation, social smart communication for enhancement of quality of life, that could be considered as one of the application of IoT where the sensors, actuators and controllers can be connected to internet and controlled. This paper introduces the concept of application for internet of things and with the discussion of social and governance issues that arise as the future vision of internet of things. In this paper, we present the world view of internet of things and the application of this methodology from geospatial computing to physics. We give speci?c details on applying IoT concept to geospatial analysis in various ?elds from agriculture to medicine. We also provide detailed analysis of the profound impact of internet of things on our physical world which is a vital knowledge when it comes to geospatial research.

Keywords: Internet of Things; model; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); IoT applied Industries