Abstract: In any Wireless Mesh network, an energy efficient routing protocol is the main field of concerns, as we know that nodes of the WMN works, based on the limited battery power, so routing protocol has to be designed in such a manner that it utilize minimum battery power and it routs data efficiently, which maximize the overall life time of the network. Many existing works shows the energy efficient protocol during the selection of cluster head (CH). In this paper we have proposed an energy optimized cluster head (CH) selection in a wireless mesh network dynamically. In proposed model we considered a protocol for the selection of cluster head, which is based on the maximum remaining energy and minimum draining rate of every node. The protocol predicts the most efficient node and based on that result it will select the cluster head dynamically and periodically, which will have sufficient energy and low depletion rate. The protocol will evaluate under static nature of the nodes. Simulation is carried out in Network Simulator-3(NS-3).

Keywords: wireless mesh network, cluster head, remaining energy, draining energy, path selection.