Abstract: Loss of sight is a state of missing the visual perception due to functional or nerve-related/brain-related factors. The fractional blindness represents the lack of incorporation in the growth of the optic nerve or visual centre of the eye, and total blindness is the full of the vision restriction. In this proposed project work, a simple, cheap, user friendly, virtual eye is to be designed and employed to improve the ability to move around of both blind and visually damaged/weakened people. The proposed project work includes a wearable equipment consist of a head band which can help the blind person to travel alone safely and to avoid obstacles and also this head band can detect the alpha-numeric-based values, whether fixed or mobile, to prevent any possible. The main part of this system is the ultrasonic sensors which are used to scan an area around blind by the emission of opposing or the reflecting waves. The reflected signals received from the objects are used as inputs to Arduino microcontroller. The microcontroller carry out the allotted commands and then it communicates the position or the status to the Earphones using Raspberry pi speech synthesizer.

Keywords: Arduino microcontroller, Earphones, IR Micro camera, Photovoltaic panel, Raspberry pi speech synthesizer, Ultrasonic sensor