Abstract: In this paper, a non-isolated bidirectional DC- DC converter is presented. The proposed converter consists of two boost converters to enhance the voltage gain. Four power switches are employed in the proposed converter which their body diodes are also used. Two inductors and a capacitor are also employed as passive components. The input current is divided to the inductors which causes the efficiency to be high. The voltage gain of the proposed converter is higher than the Conventional Bidirectional buck/boost Converter (CBC) in step-up mode. The simple structure of the proposed converter causes its control to be easy. The steady state analysis of the proposed converter is discussed in this paper thoroughly. The closed loop simulations are done in both bucks as well as in boost mode of operation. Also some modifications are done in the circuit to act this as both buck and boost converter at the same time. Finally, the proposed converter prototype circuit is implemented to justify the validity of the analysis.

Keywords: High step-up converter, low voltage stress, non-isolated, reverses recovery, single switch, voltage doubler