Abstract: A new high voltage gain dc-dc converter based on integrating coupled inductor and diode-capacitor topology is proposed. The proposed system has offer high voltage gain and is employed in many industry applications, photovoltaic systems, and fuel cell systems. The proposed converter achieves extremely large voltage conversion ratio with appropriate duty cycle and reduction of voltage stress on the power devices. The energy stored in leakage inductance of coupled inductor is efficiently recycled to the output, and the voltage doublers cell also operates as a regenerative clamping circuit. These characteristics make it possible to design a compact circuit with high static gain and high efficiency for industry applications. This paper presents a novel high step up dc-dc converter renewable energy applications. The MATLAB simulation of the converter is done using 24V input voltage and 380V/500W output. The lower stress on the switch and output voltage are verified by the simulation results.

Keywords: High step-up converter, low voltage stress, non-isolated, voltage clamping circuit, single switch, voltage doublers.