Abstract: IOT or “Internet of Things” is an advanced technology which allows user to control hardware devices through the internet which is very fast and covers a wide coverage area. In this work IOT is used to control home appliances, thus automating modern homes through the internet. This system uses three loads to demonstrate, which are house lights and a speed control of a fan. User friendly interface allows a user to easily control these home appliances through the internet, HTML code is used for creating an UI for the user, and Embedded C is the commanding code for the Microcontroller. Thus the system allows for efficient home automation using internet. The system can be useful to those who need to access their appliances at home while they are away and also can incredibly help to improve the lives of the literate physically disabled and old aged people, earlier Home automation systems which were using technologies like Bluetooth, Zig bee and Z wave, and remotely controlled by using SMS. They have limitation, because they depend upon SMS delivery, which they had a time delay.

Keywords: IOT, AVR Microcontroller ATMega 328, HTML, Embedded C, Relays.